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BOD (5 de Julio / La Castellana Bunker) / Digitel

 August 26, 2015


Client: BOD (5 de Julio / La Castellana Bunker) / Digitel.

Type of solution: WAN P2P aggregation.

Customer need: Installation of aggregator equipment of WAN to receive a channeled STM-1 to one hundred (100) Sites.

Analysis performed: Measuring of two NE40 - X 3 Routers designed for the aggregation of fifty (50) PPP serial links serial via a channeled SMT-1 provided by the Digitel supplier.

Application: Based on the estimated requirement, two (2) Huawei NE40 - X 3 Routers were installed. The first one at the BOD 5 de Julio headquarters and the second one in Corpbanca La Castellana. Each team is carrying out the integration of fifty (50) serial links using PPP protocol. These links are of very important for the Bank since through these ones transactions travel.

Final result: Through the installation of two (2) NE40 - X 3 aggregator Routers one hundred (100) new links were added to the WAN distribution network of the company.

Consumer experience: Satisfactory.


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